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Cat Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle - En Plein Air / Under The Roof

Regular price HK$360.00
Regular price Sale price HK$360.00

Box Size: 210 x 150 x 50 mm

Puzzle Sizes:  300 x 200 x 2.9 mm


  • Transparent Pieces x 40;
  • Wooden Pieces x 141 (29 Cats + 1 Dove);
  • A4 Reference Image x 1

This puzzle uses high-quality wood pieces with precise cutworks, which fits perfectly with the half-transparent puzzle pieces at the center area.

After you finish the puzzle, try flipping them all over, and then complete it with the backside facing up!

It would be a much challenging experience!

We will ship the puzzles with tracking codes.


After-sales guarantee

For the unlikely occasion of any missing part(s), please contact for replacement.

The shipping rates for the replacement pieces would be free!